Microsoft Fridays


Introducing Microsoft Fridays!

Microsoft in Partnership with Columbia University’s ACM Chapter is pleased to announce the launch a series of events in the CS Lounge every week on Friday.

Come meet your New York Technical Evangelists and learn how to develop for Windows 8, Phone and Games!



3/22/2013  – Microsoft Fridays

3/25/2013 – Robofest Talk  and AppMadness


The series of AppLabs are designed to get you building applications on the Windows 8 platform.

ChallengeAppMadness! Build an app to earn $100 for each app you submit to the Windows 8 Store, and possibly a holiday.  Information and resources for this challenge are available here.  App Madness is a great way for you and your friends to gain experience with the process of building an app and submitting it to the Windows store before your big project, and for your novice  developers to come up to speed in the App Market.

Resources for the challenge

  1. Use an AppFrame work tool such as Scirra (Construct2)(fun for new developers and new game developers)
  2. Use the Windows 8 Templates available here (perfect for your team to get started for your Windows 8 project)
  3. Resources for art and sound:

Resources:  Columbia has a  premium account so students have access to all of Microsoft’s premium tools for free!  Below are the things your team would need to do.  Go to for more details. (Please reach out if you have any issues)

  1. Get your Windows 8 Development
  2. Builds and Test your App
  3. Sign up for a Windows store developers account.

Here are the details to the  deadlines

App Sprint I App Sprint II App Sprint III App Sprint IV
Start Date Feb 12th, 2013 Feb 26th, 2013 Mar 13th, 2013 Mar 28th, 2013
Stop Date Feb 25th, 2013 Mar 12th, 2013 Mar 27th, 2013 Apr 11th, 2013



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